SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 1 released

We are very proud to release the first beta version of our upcomming SimSync PRO client.

The new version comes with plenty of new features like support for Readme files, display of changelogs, a zoomable and filterable series list, series context menus to view readme/changelog and to delete a series and a feature called "DirectJoin". This new feature enables the driver to directly join a game server, without the need of supplying a password.

Together with this release, new features in the WebSync have been made available: Servers, Readme mode, Changelog mode
For more information check out the follwing pages: Dedicated Servers (link) , Readme's and Changelog's (link)

Download: (link)
This update is also available via beta autoupdate (menu Help => Search for new beta version)

For a full list of changes, have look into the changelog: Continue reading

New WebSync released

We are proud to announce the release of our new WebSync.
The WebSync has get a complete overhaul is now compatible with mobile devices.
Besides of the visible changes, a few improvements have been added under the hood.
For instance, you are now able to define the language of the website on your own.
But there are still things to come, which become available once the new SimSync PRO get's released.

So stay tuned

If you encounter any issues, please do not forget to inform us!

By the way ... Do not forget to use the promo code that's currently available when you order or renew your SimSync PRO account!
Enter F1BC2016-1 into the promotional code box.

F1BC announces partnership with SimSync to manage its sims contents wrote ...
One of the main novelties of F1 Brazil Club (F1BC) for the season 2016/2 is download technology to its special content - Mods, circuits and carsets. The club has partnered with SimSync, the world's best simulators manager, which is able to download all updates to detect and install them with just three clicks, an amazing transfer rate.

The same as used by the Game Stock Car for your updates, this system will facilitate many factors both for users and for maintaining F1BC organization. While customers you can even remove unwanted files, as carsets and previous seasons circuits, the club will be useful to release minor updates during the season especially in carset where each driver team statement directly influences the posting of official results - and hence the score tables, which will provide more accuracy and practicability.

"This system will have greater flexibility in with carsets with the circuits, and render more dynamic the possible updates or corrections during the season," said Rodrigo Wizard. "But our goal is always to launch the minimum number of changes, and in advance," he pondered.

Some drivers are already passing on tips to optimize the download, selecting "Options" the connection type "http" or even "main server" (to continue downloading four files simultaneously). The launch of F1BC Sync will be in the pre-season 2016/2, with new content being worked to their simulators - except iRacing.


Besides this advantage that all riders can enjoy with a management system downloads the F1 Brazil Club still managed to special discounts of 15% on annual plans for anyone who wish to hire the services of SimSync - either teams, leagues, or any interested to manage content management.

Access and click "Shop". Those interested, please enter the promotional code: F1BC2016-1. To use this code, you must first enter the field "Promotional discount code" of the plan before adding it to the shopping cart. Once the plan is added before that, you can not enter the discount later. The promotion is valid until 15 September 2016.

The SimSync is the largest content manager in racing games, so users can download updates cars, circuits, paintings and settings determined by F1 Brazil Club with convenience and speed, in addition to making the administration of optimized content.

The F1BC has official partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brazil, Soap Car, Consulting Alliance, F1Mania, NRT Servers, SimRacingTools, SimSync, and F1-Brazil.

SimSync PRO 4.2.4: Automobilista added

We are proud to announce, that we have added Reiza Studios highly anticipated game Automobilista to the list of supported games. wrote ...
In addition to the content already present in Stock Car Extreme - all of which comprehensively upgraded - AUTOMOBILISTA turns it up to a new level by adding all the new cars & tracks proposed in the SimRacing Bonanza crowdfunding campaign, new simulation features such as dynamic track conditions, advanced transmission and tire modelling, substantial upgrades to physics, graphics & audio, new game modes and much more!

Besides of the newly added game Automobilista, SimSync PRO supports the following games Game Stockcar, Game Stockcar Extreme, Assetto Corsa, Formula Truck, rFactor, rFactor 2, GT Legends, GTR 2, Race 07 and successors like GTR Evolution, F1 Challenge, ARCA Simracing, Netkar Pro, Nascar Racing 2003, iRacing (Skins only), Copa de Marcas, TC2000 Racing, ACTC Simulador de Turismo Carretera and ACTC v3 Simulador de Turismo Carretera.

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