SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 6 released

Right before we switch to our new server architecture on the upcoming weekend, we were been able to finalize another public beta of the new upcoming SimSync PRO 4.5. Besides of fixing some minor issues, we were able to implement HTTP parallel downloads. This improves download speed a lot especially with small files. C H

New WebSync feature

We have just finished adding a new feature to the WebSync website: League logo/url editor The league logo/url editor enables the user to upload a logo with size 88px x 31px for use in the “Our customers” box on our homepage. You can also define an url that will be used when somebody clicks on

Speed limits removed

As from today, the speed limits of the “Basic” and “Pro” packages have been removed at no additional cost. That means, the sync will now be as fast as possible as the other packages already have been (depending on the users connection and the load of the servers).

SimSync PRO 4.2.6 released

We have just released SimSync PRO 4.2.6 to the public. Some users had an issue with rFactor 2 files not being deleted. This happend because the file “data.path” in the core folder of rFactor2 contained only a relative path or a . (dot) only. Another issue broke the “Save as” feature of the “Preview filelist” window.

SimSync PRO 4.2.5 released

Today we have released SimSync PRO 4.2.5 This release contains a fix for those using it with IRacing on a 64bit machine. IRacing changed the name of some files on 64bit computers, where SimSync PRO was relying on. That rename resulted in a “This software must be installed in the root directory of the game!” error