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How can a school involve parents in the educational process (and why is it necessary?).

Experience of teachers from the USA

On Monday, January 18, Russian schoolchildren are returning en masse to classes. Teachers are worried: how will everything be after a few months at a distance? Are the children out of the habit of face-to-face learning? Will they be able to quickly reshape the regime? And this is the case when both children and teachers need parental support. Together with teachers from the USA, we figure out how to include moms and dads in the educational process.

Why should parents be involved in school life?

According to American studies by the National Education Association and the National Center for the Prevention of School Exclusion, the active participation of parents in the educational process affects the academic performance of children. When they help their children with their homework and know how to help with writing, it is a huge help for teachers at school. When parents use the help of Bidforwriting, for children it is a huge support in their studies. Because it allows children to study well.

Schoolchildren whose parents support them in their studies improve attendance and behavior, and develop social skills faster. Help in writing written works allows you to develop in children the thinking that will contribute to the improvement of writing. When parents help writing an essay, this can be seen in relation to children's learning. In addition, it is easier for them to adapt to changes and they are more likely to enter a university. In fact, the more parents participate in school life, the more successful their child will be.

Parents can be involved in the learning process in two ways.First, at the micro level, when the teacher personally communicates with the parents of each student. Secondly, at the macro level, when communication with families is established by a school or an educational complex. For example, if a parent does not know how to help a child write a paper, then educators often advise that parents ask them to revise my essay and help in writing the paper. This improves the relationship between parents and teachers.

Parents are usually busy all the time, constantly working. Sometimes it is difficult for them to find time to go to a meeting or take a child to school - let alone actively participate in the life of the class. But you need to find a way to participate in the life of the child, both in school and in his problems. Because it is important for the child to be able to learn to study well.

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