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2 tips for proofreafing

1. do not keep the agreed deadline and do not inform the proofreader about it!
Delays - for whatever reason - always happen. But not informing the proofreader about late submissions that were agreed upon in advance, or not informing him in time, can mean the following in the worst case: The proofreader already has a full schedule and no time left.

Apart from the fact that such actions do not create a good atmosphere between the client and the commissioned person ... even if it is only 40 pages! So try to be as strict as possible with yourself and finish the work with on time. If unforeseen delays occur, inform the proofreading department immediately so that they can still react in time.

2. do not hand in the thesis completely and only in parts!
As already said, nobody likes to leave the garage with an incompletely repaired car. It is the same with proofreading: A thesis represents a self-contained text - and as such it must go to the proofreader: for how else is the supposed to look for uniformly correctly spelled foreign and technical words and check whether all source and literature references in the footnotes have been cited identically throughout the thesis?

A proofreader does not begin his work until the document has been completed and edited in terms of content and no text passages or even entire chapters are missing. Piecemeal work is the horror of every proofreader. In the end, the result is always piecemeal - and a proofreader who has completely lost track of the individual fragments and is already sheer mad!

Avoid these 2 points and don't annoy the proofreader of your choice unnecessarily! By the way, any friend who has kindly agreed to your thesis for free will also be happy about your adherence to these points. After all, you don't write a final paper every day: a perfectly proofed document will ensure you a good grade, a satisfied supervisor and proud parents - and a big party after the paper is printed and handed in!


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