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Topic: Interesting Topics Guide for Cause and Effect Essay Writing




Cause and Effect essay is one of the most complex types of essays for students because it follows a different pattern as compared to other essay formats. A general introduction to compare and contrast essay highlights that this essay is more like a critical insight into the features that can create logic in the form of a cause and then the impact that causative agents can have. In order to write a cause and effect essay, you need to follow the same pattern of write my essay that is guided by an introduction discussion and conclusion.




In the introduction section, you are required to introduce the topic only. The introduction will be an insight into the etymology, background, or the significance of the topic in the present time. It can also reflect the reason for choosing the topic because the more detail you will provide, the more will be the ease for readers to follow the pattern. However, don’t spend too much time introducing the topic because it can write my paper consist of irrelevant details and it can become a reason for deduction of marks.




Coming to the next section, you are required to discuss the topic and it is the point where the actual difference lies. The discussions section of your essay will reflect the type of essay. As this essay will be a cause and effect essay, the discussion section should discuss the causes of the issue or the main topic and then the effects that are brought on board because of the influence or under the impact of causes. You can discuss multiple but relevant points because it is necessary to adhere to proper logic for evaluation.




In the third and the last section, you have to write a detailed conclusion. The conclusion must not include something new, rather it must be a short summary or a review of the topics and ideas that you have already discussed. In some of the essays, particularly those that are related to human life, you are required to end the essay with a call of action in which you can suggest the steps that are required to be taken to restore reformation. In other cases, you can describe the consequences that the world has to face if the same practice will be continued or else ask an expert to write my essay for me




This was all about the essay, now the real trouble arises when a student is required to choose the title himself. I must say, writing an essay is all about opinion, if you fail to choose a proper or an accurate logic, you cannot write a good essay. For your convenience, I am going to share some topics that you can use to write your essay or seek a best dissertation writing service. These compare and contrast essay topics will not only attract the interest of your teacher but they will be knowledgeable for you as well.




1-Effect of noise pollution




2-What are the changes brought in the ocean over time?




3-What was the impact of the civil rights movement?




4-Influence of internet on kids




5-Impact of sports in high school students




6-World to be a better place




7-Impact of domestic violence




8-Impact of sad songs on the human body




9-Impact of alcohol on the nervous system




10-Impact of bullying on school students




11-Impact of dating at a young age




12-Impact of earthquake




13-Facebook; a social curse




14-How stress can impact health?




15-How smoking can impact health?




16-Impact of divorce




17-Causes of racism




18-Impact of globalization on the economy 




19-Impact of terrorism




20-What can be the impact of homeschooling?




21-Impact of Uber on the world economy




22-How technology has changed the world?




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