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[Sticky] WebSync - Dedicated Server - HowTo

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WebSync version 5.0 introduced some new features, beside of the new styling.
One of this new features is the option to define "Dedicated Servers".

In the WebSync, "Dedicated Servers" are definitions to tell the Sync, if and how the client can directly join the server from the sync.

This feature needs at least SimSync PRO 4.5 to work!

For example:
You own a root server and have an rFactor dedicated server installed, running your mod and track.
You don't want to have crash kids in this server, so that's why you secure the dedi with a join password.
But that also means, that you have to somehow inform your drivers how they can access the server and maybe you also have a "last minute change" to your mod.
With the new feature, you only have to setup a "Dedicated Server" in the WebSync, by telling him which game is running on it, enter the IP, port number and join password and select which of your series is running on that server.
The next time, your driver runs the sync, he can simply select which server to join from a drop-down list and to click on "Start & join". The sync will start up the game and directly connects to your server with the correct password.
That means, you don't have to send out the password to anybody. You can even change the password only minutes before your event (to avoid unwanted or unknown drivers on the server).

How to setup a "Dedicated Server"

    • Open the WebSync and click on "Server"
    • Click on "Add server" to setup a new server or click on the "Pencil" button in front of an already defined server to modify it.
    • Select the game from the list, that this server is serving. Only those games are available that support the direct join feature of the sync.
    • Enter or update the "Servername". Keep in mind that this name in combination with the game must be unique!
    • Enter IP-Adress and port of your server
    • Enter the same "join password" that you have defined on your game, or update your game server with the password used here. If those passwords do not match, your driver will not be able to join the server. You can also leave this field empty, if you don't want him to join without him manually entering the password.
    • Select the series from the list, that are served by this dedicated game server. You MUST select at least 1 series, to be able to save this server!


What has to be done by the driver?

    • Start SimSync PRO, or if already open click on "Open>>" in the top left corner to refresh the information from the server.
    • In case there is new content (a (*) before the series name is indicating new/changed content), your driver should sync first.
    • If the game is supporting commandline paramaters (like rFactor, etc.), there is a small arrow on the "Start game" button.
      Click on this arrow to open a submenu which gives you access to the game's start options, but also to the servers that have been defined with the procedure from above.
    • Click on the server you would like to join to mark him as selected. The caption of the button also changes to show you which server you will try to join when clicking on "Start & Join"
    • Finally click on "Start & Join" to run the game and connect to the game server.
Topic starter Posted : 17/04/2016 4:46 pm