SimSync PRO 4.2.6

  • Version 4.2.6
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  • Create Date 5. May 2017
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SimSync PRO 4.2.6
* Fixed an issue with rFactor 2's data.path file containing only a . (a dot), which resulted into failed downloads and not deleting files (that should be removed).
* Fixed an issue with the preview filelist "Save as" feature (didn't work before)

SimSync PRO 4.2.5
* Added support for iRacing on 64bit computers

SimSync PRO 4.2.4
* Added support for Reiza Studios new game Automobilista

SimSync PRO 4.2.3
* Fixed the "Remove unused files" function, which has been broken a few releases before. Thanks to Fabio from for pointing into the right direction
* Fixed an error that caused an "No content" error message, even if there was content

SimSync PRO 4.2.2
* Fixed an issue with Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server only installs
* Fixed an issue where the Sync stopped scanning the local folder, when trying to update the local filedate
* Fixed an issue with local readonly files and folders
* Fixed an issue with cyrillic chars
* Added new SimSyncPro.exe.Config for compatility to .NET4 and later
* Fixed an issue of the remaining size display, that didn't update properly

SimSync PRO 4.2.1
* Fixed issue with new folder structure of rFactor2
* SimSync PRO is now compatible with .NET 4 and should run now on Win 8 (Win 2012) and up without additional installation of .NET 3.5
* Serieslist scrolls now vertical instead of horizontal as before. This makes it easies to read long seriesnames and is more "intuitive/natural" in it's movement as before.