SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 6

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  • Create Date 19. September 2019
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SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 6
* Implemented HTTP parallel downloads
* Improved startup
* Updated localizations
* Improved ini handling
* Fixed issue with progressbars showing wrong values when downloading compressed files
* Fixed position and size of the progressbars
* Show leaguename or in combobox instead of the ini filename

SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 5
* Implemented preparations for the move to the new the server architecture
* Fixed an issue with version compare & check
* Switched to HTTP download by default (instead of FTP passive)
* Fixed issue with readme & changlog display
* Fixed issue with series list context menu allowing to delete a series that was not selected by accident
* Fixed issue with the filedate in the preview window
* Various optimizations
* Modified MsgBox to be display on top of other windows
* Fixed issue with object arrays being submitted to the DebugLog (AppendArray())
* Fixed issue with NullReferenceException when writing to lstLog

SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 1 rev. 3
* Fixed an issue with starting Assetto Corsa directly from the sync

SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 1 rev. 2
* Fixed an issue with rFactor 2's data.path file containing only a . (a dot), which resulted into failed downloads and not deleting files (that should be removed).
* Fixed an issue with the preview filelist "Save as" feature (didn't work before)

SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 1 rev. 1
* Added support for iRacing on 64bit computers
* Added support for Reiza Studios new game Automobilista

SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 1
* added new window to display changelogs and readmes
* added methods to show changelogs and readmes
* added method to save the contents of the viewer to file
* added contextmenus to lstSeries items to show changelog, readme or to delete the series
* added menus to lstSeries items to show changelog, readme
* changed lstSeries to vertical scroll
* added helper function to clean a filename
* vertical Series ListView
* context menu für Changelog & Readme
* option to save/download Changelog to a file
* option to save/download Readme to a file
* option to save the contents of the preview window into a file (e.g. csv)
* option to show Changelog (multiple via select box)
* option to "force show Changelog" depending on WebSync setting (off, before, after)
* option to show Readme in case it exists on the server (readme_de.txt, readme_en.txt for localized versions, readme.txt for general version) (multiple via select box)
* option to "force show Readme" depending on WebSync setting (off, before, after)
* apply styling to child windows (Filelist and Viewer)
* force to reload series index after the sync hasn't started for a specific period (e.g. 60sec.) to make sure this information is still valid
* new commandline parameter (e.g. -autosync) which automatically starts syncing the current selected series.
* save last synced index date in ini for later comparison.
* mark series in sync as "out of sync / new data available" in case the last index date doesn't match the local last index date.
* resize skin in case it is not matching the size of the window
* new custom button (menu button) which enables the use to select the correct userprofile to launch
* added method to populate userprofiles for ISI based games
* add menu to Start Game button in case userprofiles have been found for selection
* add DediServerInfo property, which populates when loading Customer Config
* add ServerInfo property to websync / sync_cfg
* ServerInfo from WebSync contains: Servername, address:port, password (or empty) for 1 or up to 10 servers
* add Readme_Index to the series info
* Check "freshness" of a readme file before opening the readme files during before or after sync events (use last modification date)
* Check "freshness" of a changelog before opening the changelog during before or after sync events (use date of last_index)
* add buttonmenu for profiles
* add buttonmenu for game options
* add buttonmenu for servers to join
* build commandline from selected buttonmenu options (profile, game options, server to join)
* add option to game start menu to enable fullproc and other game options
+fullproc >> Enable Fullproc
+profile "<name>" >> Use Profile XXX
+connect <address:port> >> Connect to server at <address:port>
+password "<pswd>" => No menu here. Use this switch in case there is a password given via WebSync for the server at <address:port>
* build menu from dediserver info
* option to start game incl. server password
* option to update local server password in multiplayer.ini ([ Multiplayer Server Options ] => Join Password="" // Password for clients to join game)
* populate userprofiles for ISI based games in case UAC is enabled and active (Userdata will than be in the documents folder)
* run SimSync PRO always with elevated admin priviledges (Run as Admin)
* CustomButton disabled style fixed
* mnuLang moved to main menu
* mnuLang now uses a flag image instead of a text caption
* init of current language file in program.cs
* Removed "requireHighestAvailable" priviledge
* updated: mnuHelp will now open a help page on
* disabled mnuContextGameSetServerPassword in case no server was selected
* fixed a type in locale_de.csv
* fixed an issue with custom language files, in case the language file is give without an absolute path.
* added Vars.HelpUrl which holds the url to the help page for that sync version
* do NOT run SimSync PRO always with elevated admin priviledges (Run as Admin)
* add tooltip to the series listitem to show the date/time of the last indexing and the date/time of the local version
* updated german and english language file to the latest version
* Take over fix for "Assetto Corsa" Dedicated only install from
* Take over fix for "rFactor 2" new game exe path (32/64 bit) install from
* Take over fix for "Assetto Corsa" Dedicated only install from
* Take over fix for readonly files from
* Take over fix for "RemoveUnusedFiles" from
* Take over how to handle readonly files in download threads from
* Take over fix for Cyrillic charsets from
* added new 4.5 beta skin
* switched all "File.Exists" and "Directory.Exists" to use the versions from "IOHelper"
* cleaned up and streamlined startup code
* fixed issue with read-only cache files
* fixed issue is to early cleared error, which caused another irritating error later (no content)
* fixed issue where the customername variable got overwritten and/or cleared
* add option to filter the list of series
* add select all, none, invert context menu to lstSeries
* implemented WildcardMatch
* fixed some lang items
* fixed an issue in Inifile where entries using values like [, ] or _ could make it fail
* Series with new content are now displayed bold
* new var ContentUpdateAvailableMarker to mark series with new and updated content
* fixed minor issues with series context menu
* moved "Select All, None, Invert, Filter list, Filter Clear" to new menu "Selection"
* added keyboard shortcuts for "Select All, None, Invert, Filter list, Filter Clear"
* renamed menu "Help" to "?" to save space
* filtered entries are now displayed "italic"
* removed sorting from lstSeries
* removed grpInfo and replaced it by a FlowLayoutPanel
* removed lblPassword
* DirIndex: Do not include "readme*.txt" files in the file index.
* WebSync: added list of dedicated servers incl. Name, IP, Password
* fixed an issue with a wrong tooltip lang setting
* fixed some issues in locale_de.csv
* new skin (more space for menu)
* new LangCompress.exe
* fixed issue in Locale.cs to use default language in case a key is missing
* SyncCheck: Include current used server & sim into query
* Fix für IsExpired. Vergleich mit Erstellungsdatum, statt mit Cachedatum
* Fix für Malformed FTP reply. Automatischer Switch zu FTP Active
* Fixed an issue where the start button context menu didn't get updated
* In case a server to join is selected, the Start Game button shows "Start & Join Server xyz" incl. a similar context menu
* Implemented the list of series ids a dediserver is assigned to
* Removed "btnDelete"
* increased size of "btnStartGame"
* Language files updated to latest version (new: es // update: de, en, nl, no)
* Switched from staging to normal servers
* Refactored the language menu to be more easily to automate
* Hiding those languages on start that are not available