New payment options available

Since today, we have installed an additional payment option, especially for all those that have issues with PayPal or using their credit card together with PayPal.

We added the option to pay with your credit card using payment provider Stripe. Stripe not only supports paying with credit cards, it supports payment services like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay and Samsung Pay. That means, if you use for example Google Chrome to visit our site and have a payment method (e.g. credit- or debit card) configured in your Google account, you can use this to pay.
Just click into the field asking for your credit or debit card number and a small window will open where you can select which card you would like to use (if you more than one card is setup). You may have to answer a short verification question, to make sure that you are allowed to use the card. This may also differ between the various providers and browsers.
The big advantage for you is, that you are not limited to the “big” credit card companies. You can use whatever payment method those providers support.