rF_HighVoltage 1.5 beta 2 released

We are proud to annouce the second beta of

rF_HighVoltage 1.5 beta 2
DRS & KERS for rFactor

This version fixes the issue with “totally loosing downforce” when activating DRS.
But there have also been some other issues been solved.
This version introduces also a bigger decryption pool and therefor you need the newest rF_ScanReader 0.9 (link) to decrypt the log files.

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Readme & Licence: FAQ: Download: Support: \n\nChangelog 1.5 beta 2

  • Fixed an issue with DRS, where the downforce was completely lost when enableing DRS.
  • Fixed some general issues with memscanning
  • Increased decryption pool (like rF_Scan)
  • Switched all times used for log to UTC
  • Implemented LogVersion 2

Changelog 1.5 beta 1

  • Fixed an issue where the “Realtime Splits” setting hasn’t been recognized correctly
  • Fixed an issue with GetFileLine (ExtractFileValue) to correctly read the values from the plr and other files
  • Added error message in case memory values couldn’t be written properly (DRS)
  • Added info about vista or above OS and UAC enable to the log header
  • Fixed issue with sBehindPoint variable
  • Added a check if the memscanner exited for some reason and in case it exited, trying to restart the memscanner
  • Fixed some log and log messgaes issues
  • Added new behind@point to Infoscreen to show where the time was measured. It always shows the last measured time at the given detection point.
  • Added time window to info panel
  • Reordered info panel output
  • Implemented DTM DRS Rule “No DRS within x laps before race finish”
  • Fixed DRS Detection Point 1 Reset of TimeDistance and Activation counters
  • Added: reset Button if DRS can be activated
  • Implemented DTM DRS Rules
  • Re-implemented SendKey to switch lights on/Off. The user can now choose between none, H_Key and Internal method to switch lights on/off
  • Fixed issue with the FullCourseYellow which caused rF_HighVoltage to wait much longer than needed before activating DRS
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong RWingDrag Adress
  • Added memory adresses for FWingDrag and FWingLift
  • Reworked MemoryScan to run in an own thread
  • KERS will now be deactivated for the remaining lap in case of changing the engine mapping during KERS activation.