rF_HighVoltage: First demo video

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rF_HighVoltage (renamed from rF_Kers) is an application for rFactor to simulate KERS and DRS.

This software has been developed together with KIKONI from the FS ONE Team and is currently in Beta Stage.

It simulates correctly the use of KERS without using the boost option in rFactor. While the boost option in rFactor has an effect to the engine wear, rF_HighVoltage just gives that extra bit of horsepower to the car, without effecting the engines durability.
In case of DRS, the car really has less air resistance and downforce when activated. Due to that the car will have a higher topspeed, but gets near to “undriveable” when trying to drive a corner where you need downforce with DRS activated.

It will be released to the public latest together with the new FS ONE 2011 mod. A release date for this mod isn’t available at the moment.