rF_HighVoltage: Update 0.9.2 released

We are proud to announce another update: rF_HighVoltage 0.9.2

Several improvements have been made to the program together with many bugfixes.

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Changlog v0.9.2

  • New: additional Anti-cheat measures
  • Fixed: UAC support
  • Fixed: Detection point 2 now working correctly
  • New: DRS Block zones => define zones on the track where DRS is disabled in all sessions (like Tunnel in Monaco) (see Add2RFM.txt)
  • New: Min. version to use can now be defined in the rfm file (see Add2RFM.txt)
  • New: Not updating does not lead to deactivation of the program if the required min. version is already installed
  • Fixed: If in the zone definitions someone accidently uses a double value (like 675.5), the program now recognizes the first part (e.g. 675) instead of 0 (zero).
  • New: Log now will be encrypted. Open the log with the rF_ScanReader (see (link) )
  • New: UDP broadcast of the KERS & DRS status (see (link) )
  • New: New options screen to configure the used keyboard keys, log and udp options
  • New: On Vista & Win 7, the program will now ask for permission to update
  • Several bugfixing

Download: Supportforum: Spanish supportforum: Bugtracker: new version is now also available thru autoupdate.