rF_HighVoltage v0.9.3 released

We are proud the we are able to release the next beta of rF_HighVoltage.

This release contains several fixes for the issues that came up in the last time.

Changelog v0.9.3:

  • Fixed: Bug with “Min version required”, where the driver was forced to update even if he had the required version installed.
  • Fixed: Issue with the visual open/close of the rearwing. Sometimes it happend, that the rearwing remains visually open, even when DRS was disabled.
  • Fixed: Autoupdate error 2030 fixed (at least for those who tested the last dev build and gave a response).

Download: (link) and via autoupdate
Supportforum: Spanish supportforum: Bugtracker: a tutorial vid which explains how to use rf_HighVoltage together with the latest version of Prunn’s widget set for rfDynHud

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Thanks to Kikoni for this tutorial. :adore