rF_Scan 0.9.10 RC6 and rF_ScanReader 0.9.3 RC7 released

We have just released the latest builds of rF_Scan and rF_ScanReader.

The new version of rF_Scan introduces the support for rFactor 1.255 C & G and a lot of further fixes and improvements.
For more details click on “Continue reading” to view the changelog.

The new rV_ScanReader version adds support for the new LogVersion 3 and outputs the datetime now in ISO8601 format, which makes it easier for any 3rd-party analyzer to parse the datetime values.

Download rF_Scan: Download rF_ScanReader: Support: \n\nrF_Scan Changelog RC6

  • release as RC6
  • fixed issue where the log header wasn’t written in case of when the log file was deleted or unavailable for some reason
  • fixed error in GetPublicIP
  • added PLR, RFM and Track to log
  • added support for rFactor 1,255C
  • added support for rFactor 1,255G
  • added new methods to detect the game version
  • added combobox to select the version of the game in case it couldn’t get detected
  • added checksums of additional “known” rfactor.exe’s
  • updated various log values:
    removed HIGHVOLTAGE InGarage
    removed DEDI Race Time Multi
    removed ASST Traction Grip1
    removed ASST Traction Grip2
    removed ASST Traction Level1
    removed ASST Traction Level2
    added HIGHVOLTAGE Kers3 (TempBoostFactor)
    added ASST Traction Grip
    added ASST Traction Level
  • added game.exe filesize message to log
  • added check if GameVersion is selected before scanning
  • added ScanResults to identify FatalErrors
    FatalError = Number of Errors > 30% of all Adresses to Scan
    FatalError = Stop rF_Scan
  • combined Sessionname and Trackname export
  • added CultureInfo en-US to force US number format

rF_ScanReader RC7 Changelog

  • Added support for LogVersion 3
  • Updated default settings (AutoSave Off, UTC On)
  • Switched DateTime format to match ISO8601
  • Fixed an issue with the CL version where nothing happens in case an -utc / -filter option was given in the command line