rF_Scan RC5 & rF_ScanReader 0.9.2 RC6 released

I’m proud to anounce the newest releases of rF_Scan and rF_ScanReader.
A lot of bugfixing has been done to rF_Scan and also some new features have been added.
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rF_Scan: rF_ScanReader: (link) \n\nChangelog rF_Scan RC5

  • release as RC5
  • fixed issues with custom controls
  • added checkbox for UAC. In case someone profiles are not where expected, so the user can switch UAC path on/off
  • added some error messages for the log to idetify where the scanning thread exits and why
  • switched the ProcessScan to now use an own thread and to scan every 2 sec.
  • added some kind of “cheat” software detection for software that is started from the same folder (or a subfolder) of rfactor
  • streamlined the log messages of processes
  • modified log filename (includes rfm name)
  • updated logfilename parser to handle the rfm name for later use in email subject and body
  • fixed possible bug where pressing the email button during scan would stop the memory scan
  • removed the checksum for a previously validated exe from the list as it now pops up that this version is causing issues with memory scanning
  • fixed bug which led to misfunction of rf_scan in case rfactor died unexpected and rF_scan wasn’t restarted before starting rfactor again
  • added GetMainModuleFilepath to get the mainmodule filepath even on 64bit systems
  • added GetPublicIP() to get the public ip of the client computer
  • added PathHelper.cs class to deal with ShortPathNames (8.3)
  • currented the timestamp format on ProcessScan Start/Stop to match the general timestamp format
  • implemented a general cheat check…
  • fixed GetProcessList to be more fail save
  • added manifest to start rF_Scan elevated (as Admin)
  • switched all datetimes to UTC
  • defined the current log format as LogVersion 2
  • increased decryption pool
  • added detection for vudibix and other trainers
  • deactivated “kill Cheat”…
  • fixed the memory & space check (InitExport) to work on Vista & up

Changelog rF_scanReader RC5

  • Release as RC5
  • Implemented new decryption pool
  • Added compatibility with rF_Scan Log-Version 2
  • Added a checkbox to enable the user to display times in local time or UTC
  • Added some additional help text to the normal version
  • Added an additional commandline switch to the CL version: -utc to export the logs in UTC time