rF_ScanReader RC4 released

After a long time without any news or updates, i’m proud to announce the release of the newest rF_ScanReader RC4.

While the main code only got some bugfixing, this new release features a whole new version: a command line version of rF_ScanReader.
It allows you to convert several logs in one go, just by supplying wildcards in the arguments. You can even filter the converted logs by filter tag (like memscan, etc.), without opening every single log manually.

Download: Support: Bugtracker: (link) \n\nChangelog:
* Fixed program description
* Fixed an issue with filtering for a specific tag
* Added Debug log type
* Added Commandlineversion rF_ScanReaderCL.exe (run “rF_ScanReaderCL -?” to get a list of available options)