rFactor 2 Build 660 released

ISI has released their newest build of rFactor 2 to the public: Build 660.

Tim Wheatley wrote
It has been a busy month here at ISI, with the free releases of Build 590, the Panoz AIV Roadster (link) , two types of Karts, and the Quebec karting track (link) . Today, April 15, we release Build 660 (link) This build is part of what should be an ongoing effort to consolidate the features of rFactor 2, in shorter timescale releases, while we work on newer features in the background, holding off on introducing them to the public product until they are at later stages of development.

Of important note is that our demo content has been changed. We have removed the Corvette C6.R GT2 and Lime Rock Park, replacing those with the Honda Civic Touring Car and Silverstone Circuit. If you want to run door-to-door with Matt Neal, Gordon Shedden and 2013 BTCC Champion Andrew Jordan while you find out about rFactor 2, now is your chance!

ContentBuild: LiteBuild: DemoBuild: \n\nChangelog:
Update 23 (Build 659-unstable, 660-release) Changelog April 14, 2014):

Added texture sharpening option to plr file allow mip lod bias adjustments (alt-m no longer required)

Made presets actually available in RealRoad gizmo for tracks besides the first one loaded.
Fixed scoreboard tower code.
Fixed a newly-introduced crash if there were no trackside cameras.
Fixed potential crash if transparent trainer is enabled on client.
Fixed it so trace.txt doesn't go to VirtualStore.
Fixed minor memory leaks.

Report some inner tire temperatures to plugins.
Computed some missing telemetry info.
Added some replay control to the plugin interface.

hooking up skin download/upload progress bar to the actual transfer library progress
Implemented a likely improvement in multiplayer collision.

If AI has front wheels off the track pauses any steering changes until wheels back on the ground.