rFactor 2: Corvette C6R GT2 released

Great news from rFactor 2. ISI has just released the brandnew Corvette C6R GT2.

Tim Wheatley wrote

This is an individual component, and represents how content should be released from now on. Per car, per track, etc. Old content, currently only available in rfmod packs, will also be released in the same way.

One thing to note with the C6.R is that you shouldn’t get TOO comfortable. There is a new build coming that may alter it a tiny bit in (tire model) handling, but we wanted you to have something fun for the weekend anyway.

That new build is very close to release.

See original post here: do mirror the original ISI downloads here on our server. See this page (link) for a list of all available downloads.
Direct link to the Corvette: link to the Skip Barber: fun as it’s getting closer and closer to the final release!