rFactor 2 v1.198 released

Tim Wheatley wrote
First, please prioritize torrents.
Links are here:
rFactor 2 lite: 2 sampler: Available in two downloads types:
Sampler – Installer including a few cars and tracks (does NOT include the rfcmp files, so if you remove them, they’re gone).
Lite – same as you’ve had, core only.

Sampler content:
Malaysia, Lime Rock, Corvette, Marussia, Clio. Still requires purchase of rF2.

Mod mode:
Is now a separate download for those who want it, this reduces the size of the Lite installer to a very nice size. See the dev corner for the link.

Manual update:
Not possible this build. Auto is active.

Auto update:
Is active now.

Build notes:
Probably the thing that will get the most time from you in discussion is the wet weather effects being brought back. This is a first pass, still being tweaked, but in-cockpit should look quite realistic (and frightening). There is work to be done, we’re aware of that. My advice when driving in heavy spray is to know the track you are racing on… When in the spray, pull towards the side of the spray and you should be able to see a little more there. You’ll find yourself driving by your visibility of the edge of the racing surface (the white line, primarily). No visor raindrops, etc yet.

Edit: The readme says a different number for the build. That was the number when we locked features for the build, 198 is where it got to fixing issues.

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