As most of you can imagine (at least those who ever have rented a server), operating the sync-servers costs some money.
Due to that fact, we have decided to not provide the SimSync PRO service free of charge. Instead, the leagues that want to use the service have to pay a service charge.

To still give everybody the possibility to take advantage of the Sync, we’ve created several packages. So everybody should be able to find “his” package.

Why is the Sync not free-of-charge?
Like explained in the beginning of this post, we have several expenses due to operating the Sync-server and we are not able or willing to pay bill by ourself the whole time. Even with 10 “paying” leagues, the expenses are not done and we pay the rest from our own money.
Another point is, that we think, that the Sync is such an big advantage for the leagues, that they will start to use it’s unique features (no manual skin, track or mod installation, easy install) to recruit new members.
“Powered by SimSync PRO” will soon be a trademark for professional leagues and professional league-management.

What about the “price” of the Sync?

Package 1: “Try before buy”
Service charge: 0,-€
Validity period: 1x 1 Month per League
No. of Series: 1
Diskspace: 500MB
Speedlimit: none

Package 2: Basic
Service charge: 1,-€ / Month (has to be prepayed for the agreed period)
Validity period: min. 6 Month
No. of Series: 1
Diskspace: 500MB
Speedlimit: 300kb/s per User

Package 3: Pro
Service charge: 2,50€ / Month (has to be prepayed for the agreed period)
Validity period: min. 6 Month
No. of Series: 3
Diskspace: 2GB
Speedlimit: 500kb/s per User

Package 4: Xtra
Service charge: 35,-€ / Year
Validity period: 1 year
No. of Series: 5
Diskspace: 4GB
Speedlimit: No Limit

Package 5: Full
Service charge: 50,-€ / Year
Validity period: 1 year
No. of Series: 15
Diskspace: 15GB
Speedlimit: No Limit

What will you get for your money?
Beside of the points mentioned in the “pricelist”, you will receive your “SimSyncPro.ini” and your login details for Sync-server by email, after your service charge has been transferred to our account.
With this login details, you will be able to upload the files to syncronize and to access the WebSync-portal. The WebSync-portal enables you to manage and configure your Raceseries online.
If required, we can do an training using Skype or TeamSpeak. Support is given during the validity period of your package.

Has the service charge to be payed by each driver of a Raceseries?
NO! Only leagues have to pay the service charge. It doesn’t make any difference how many members of your league will use it afterwards.

Not satisfied with diskspace, no. series or speedlimit?
If there is no satisfying package for you, please contact me or Jopo by pm. There will be a solution.

How secure are my files?
As long as you do not forward your login-details to anyone, forward your “SimSyncPro.ini” to those members of your league which should have access to, nobody tries to hack these things or the server, they are secure.
We garanty only for things, for which we are resposibility: We forward your login-details and Ini-files only to our client and people nominated by our client. We do not create copies of the files and never provide them to others.

What happens to the files after the validity period?
We will keep the files for at least 3 month on our server. Only the login will be disabled, so nobody can access the files. If you decide to buy another package within this period, we activate the login again and everything is like before. If you want, we can delete the files before the end of the period.

Do you have to pay for updates?
NO! The client software (SimSync PRO) is downloadable free of charge at any time in it’s newest version from our download database. In case that the client software has to be changed and a new “SimSyncPro.ini” is required, then you will get this file free of charge as soon as possible.

You want a Sync? That’s what to to…
Use the following PayPal form to pay the desired package.
Do not forget to enter the name of the league to which the package should apply!
Afterwards, send an email to (email) containing the name of the league (used with the PayPal Button) and your Username in our forum, so we can check our account and send you your SimSync PRO package as soon as possible.
If you don’t want to use PayPal, send a PM to me of Jopo and we will send you a message, where to transfer the money to.