SimSync PRO 4.2 beta 2 released

I’m very proud to announce the newest beta of SimSync PRO 4.2

The Beta 2 fixes several smaller issues and introduces some new features:

  • Resuming of FTP downloads
    Those of you which sometime have trouble with the connection will like this feature. SimSync PRO will now try to resume a interupted download first (instead of restarting from 0). So the sync will be able to finish the sync even if your connection is dropped regulary.
  • Active FTP mode
    Some have problems with their router and/or firewalls and the available open ports. While passive FTP isn’t limited to a certain range of ports, you can define a range of ports which the sync is allowed to use. By default this is between 1024 and 5000.
  • Verify Sync
    You can now optionally force the sync to verify the files after the sync finishes. In case that invalid files have been found, the sync tries to re-sync those files again.

Download: Support: Bugtracker: on “Continue reading” to view the complete changelog.\n\n\n\nChangelog SimSync PRO 4.2 Beta 2
* Disabled “DeleteSeries button” while deleting
* Added a message in case no files will be deleted during “DeleteSeries”
* Added VerifySync to verify the files after syncing. In case there are files missing or invalid, it will ask to re-sync those files
* Updated the language files for various new menu items and messages
* Added new menu to enable ftp active mode. In active mode, the sync will use by default only the ports 21 and 1024-5000 for connections and transfers. The port range can be modified via an extra menu.
* Fixed a bug where the password wasn’t asked in case there was first one entered successfully for a different series
* Added dedicated server filenames to check for at startup to enable the “Dedicated Server Mode” feature for several gmotor based games
* Fixed a bug in Race 07 detection of the custom skins folder. The errormessage always pointed to the wrong folder as reason for the error…
* Added resuming of ftp downloads in case of connection & network errors
* Reduced the waiting time after a download from 500ms to 100ms
* Added support for Game Stock Car 2013