SimSync PRO 4.2 beta 4 released

We have just released our newest update for
SimSync PRO 4.2 beta 4

The new version adds support for Reiza’s Game StockCar 2013 and a lot of internal bugfixing and optimizations to the program.

Download: Support: Bugtracker: on “Continue reading” to view the complete changelog.\n\n\n\nC H A N G E L O G

SimSync PRO 4.2 Beta 4

  • Added support for GSC 2013
  • Added lock queue list while accessing
  • Optimized method MoveLocalTemp
  • Fixed issue with renaming of downloaded files
  • Icons re-applied (from Resource)
  • General code cleanup
  • Fixed an issue with GetUrlResponse
  • Modified SendTransferSize to send stats per Series
  • Fixed issue with gameindex, forcing it to load on every sync
  • Removed double ThreadNr from FTP error messages
  • Renamed function to build SyncCheck url to GetSyncCheckUrl
  • Renamed function to check sync status to GetSyncCheck
  • Fixed “Null reference” while downloading
  • Switched companyname to (to move all settings in 1 place)
  • Added ServerProperties to define if a server is able to provide data via ftp/http and compressed/uncompressed
  • Added WebSync_URL property to support external server with a different folder structure
  • Fixed GetSyncIndex to always use the master server
  • Fixed GetSyncCheckUrl to always use the main website
  • Added CheckAbort to support a central handling of user aborts
  • Fixed errormessages for aborts in AsyncHTTP and AsyncFTP
  • Removed unnecessary vars from HttpUrlBuilder
  • Updated documentation for HttpUrlBuilder
  • Fixed issues with the InfoBox and menus in case of ForceMasterServer
  • Fixed SendTransferSize to send only in case of sizes > 0
  • Fixed GetSkinUrl to always use the main site
  • Added check id a series is selected for sync
  • Switched title in message boxes to use Vars.AppCaption instead of Vars.AppTitle

The older changelogs can be found on the download page.