SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 8 released

Today, we are very proud to release SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 8 to the public.
The new version has not only a huge changelog reporting minor changes or fixes. No, this time we introduced some big changes that make SimSync PRO much more versatile as it already was before.

We introduce “Utilities”

With utilities, we added a window to add and maintain 3rd-party utility software that can be run manually right from this window, but those programs can also be configured to run before or after the game starts (when you click on the “Start game” button) and also before or after syncing.
SimSync PRO also tries to detect some common utilities like “Content Manager” for “Assetto Corsa” or “JSGME” on startup and adds them directly to the utilities list in manual mode (if they are not already added).
The “Utilities” button itself has also an additional function. It can be used to en-/disable the automatic execution of those utilities that are configured to run with the game or syncing thru the attached menu.

You should try the new beta to get an impression of what will be the next “Standard” in custom content synchronization.
The new version is available as normal download (see below) but also using the autoupdate feature from the SimSync PRO help menu (?) -> “Check for new beta version …”


SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 8 655.66 KB 40 downloads

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