SimSync PRO 4 beta 4 released

We are pround to release today the forth public beta of SimSync PRO 4.

Download: Support: Bugtracker: Users of previous version can update their sync by using the Autoupdater: “Menu Help -> Search for new beta-version”.

Click on >>Continue reading<< for the changelog\n\n\n\nChangelog
Beta 3 & 4

  • New Feature: Check every x sec. if the sync account status has changed (Sync locked, account deactivated, etc.) und stops the syncronisation on demand
  • Bug in Cache Read fixed
  • Reactivated CustomSkin Option and extended the properties (see
    -> New section in ini file [Style]
    -> Added new properties along with the skin and general font color. Now buttons, text- and listboxes can have custom colors too.
    -> SimSync PRO 4 custom skins are NOT backwards compatible to the SimSync PRO 3 and 3.5 Skins
  • Bug in CacheCreationTime fixed
  • Bug in SetFiledate fixed
  • Bug when using UTC date & times fixed
  • Bug removed which ignored the “Undeletable” setting
  • Domains adjusted ( > (link) ,
  • updated local timestamp calculation
  • New language: Galician
  • FTP Connection handling optimized
  • FTP queries optimized (query the folder, instead of every single file)
  • Code clean up (Comments, etc.)
  • Debug Mode on/off will now be stored
  • Debug log optimized
  • Debug messages reworked
  • Fixed bug in Custom Controls
  • Switched to Managed Checksum
  • Fixed bug im folder comparison (in case checksums are available)
  • Fixed bug, which always told the user, that the sync wasn’t successfull even if it was successfull
  • Fixed bug, where the sync stops syncing in case the compressed files wasn’t available
  • Fixed a small bug in the cache management
  • new method to check if the cache has been expired

[sp=Beta 2]

  • updated several language files (Thanks to all contributors!)
  • added estonian language (Thanks to Mart “Maatriks” Välja)
  • switched internal handling of the index files to speed up the file and folder comparing
  • removed some bugs in the preview window
  • removed some bugs in the http download mode
  • added support for http download from other sync servers
  • Force master server setting will now reset to default (off) when closing SimSync PRO
  • added support for Game Stockcar


[sp=Beta 1]

  • New layout & skin
  • Compressed downloads (greatly reduces traffic and time used to sync)
  • Caching of index files
  • Better handling of multiple SimSyncPro.ini’s in 1 installation
    Rename them to SimSyncPRO_[name].ini Replace [name] with something you use to identify the correct ini