SimSync PRO Help – English

Here a short overview over the functions of the program:

Menu Options

  • Language
    Use this menu to select your language
  • Load list on startup?
    If checked, the series list will be loaded during startup
  • Show preview?
    Will show a list with files to download or delete if checked.
  • Prefer main server
    Will force the sync to get the files from the main server instead of the nearest server if checked.
  • Connection type
    This menu enables you if you want to use FTP, FTP in aktive mode or HTTP for the transfer. FTP (passive) is default.
    In case that the server doesn’t support single connection types it will not be selectable.
  • Number of concurrent downloads
    This option enables you to define how many files can be downloaded at the same time (1-4).
  • Compressed download
    If this option is checked, the data will be transferred as compressed files (if supported by the server) and locally decompressed. This reduces the amount of data to transfer and the time needed to transfer drastically (depending on filetype).
  • Force checksums
    This option uses instead of the simple and fast comparison of filedate and size a calculated checksum. This method is more precise but also a lot slower than the default method.
  • Verify after sync
    If this option is checked, the sync will re-check all files again after syncing. In case of errors, it will try to sync those files again.
  • Dedicated Server Mode
    The Dedicated Server Mode prevents several filetypes (e.g. rFactor: DDS-files) from being synced, because this files are not needed by the dedicated server.
    This reduces the needed diskspace and the time needed to sync the files.
  • Clear cache
    The sync caches several files locally to prevent downloading this files everytime. This menu item is for deleting those cache files in case it is needed. The next time the sync needs this files it will download a fresh copy from the server.
  • Debug-Mode
    If checked, the sync will log all actions to a logfile called (SimSyncPro_Debug.log). This equals the commandline parameter ‘-debug’.

Menu Help

  • Search for new version
    Checks if a new version is available and downloads it after confirmation
  • Check for new beta-version
    Checks if a new beta version is available and downloads it after confirmation
  • About …
    Small info about the program
  • Help
    This help text

Buttons and other controls

  • Load >>
    This button tells the sync to load the series list from the server. This step has to be done everytime the sync has been started, except the following option is enabled: “Menu Options > Load list on startup?”
  • List of Ini-files
    In case there are several “SimSyncPro.ini” files in the base folder, you can select the one to use here.
  • Series list
    Select the series to sync. “Un-selected” series will not be deleted! This enables you to sync only those series you like to sync.
  • Show overview / Show log
    This button switches between the overview and the log window.
  • Save log
    Saves the content of the logwindow to a text file in the base folder of the sync.
  • Log
    Shows the main steps during the sync.
  • Overview
    Shows information about the number and size of the files to transfer and the general status.
  • Delete series
    This button enables you to delete ALL files of the selected series from your computer.
    ATTENTION! It will not be checked if the files to delete are in use by a different series or the game itself. Use on your own risk!
  • Start xyz
    This button startes the game and closes the sync. This button is only available when supported by the game.
  • Start
    This button starts the syncronization.
  • Close
    Closes the program. In case this button is used during syncing, it will stop the sync process. The sync will restart with syncing starting with the cancelled file.