SimSync PRO – How does it work …?

Well, what is SimSync PRO… SimSync PRO is a kind of fully automated download client (Autoupdater) and consists of 3 parts:

  1. A private FTP-Space on our server (called Sync-Server).
  2. A web administration interface (called WebSync).
  3. The SimSync PRO (called Sync) software which has to be copied once manually into the desired game installation.

Part 1 and 2 are the (league-/sync-) admin tasks.

Step 1:
First you (the sync-admin) upload all files of the used mod and the track up to our sync server in a sub-directory (Series-Basedirectory). Nobody, except of you (and us of course) has direct access to this ftp-space, because you need unique user credentials to connect.

Step 2:
After you have uploaded all files, open the WebSync on our website. (To access the WebSync, you must have purchased a package in our store or have been appointed as a sync admin by your league administrator and have received the corresponding access data.)
Using the websync, you are able to create an new series, to modify it’s properties and settings or delete the series. The websync is also used to create the file-index which is used by the sync to identify new or updated content on the server.

Once you have created a series and want to add new content (like a track, an updated skin, whatever), upload the files with an ftp-client onto the sync-server. If you want to remove some files or folders, this can be done with an ftp-client, too.
After that, update the file-index using the WebSync.
That’s it.

Step 3:
Part 3 is the only part, which has to be done by the user (and the guy which operates the dedicated server).
The SimSync PRO consists of 2 files: The SimSyncPro.exe and a league-specific SimSyncPro.ini.
The user (driver) has only a few things to do: Download the Sync (including the ini-file) and copy both files into the base directory of the desired game installation. That is the whole “installation”.

Once he had “installed” the client, he has to double-click on the SimSyncPro.exe, select the series to sync and press “Start”.
Now the sync checks if any new or updated files are on the Sync-Server and in that case, the programm downloads these files (and only this files) automatically. Depending on the settings, the sync can also delete files which have become useless (e.g. cars of teams or drivers which retired and so on).
And thats what you have to do on your game server, too. Stop the dedicated server, start the sync and let it run and afterwards restart your dedicated server. It’s as easy as that.

That was a lot of information and we hope it wasn’t to confusing, so here is a short summary:

  1. Upload the mod and track on our sync-server.
  2. Create a series and the file-index with the WebSync.
  3. The user copies the SimSync PRO client on their computer and clicks on “Start” to update (sync) his game installation with the files from the sync server.
  4. That’s it.