SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 8 released

Today, we are very proud to release SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 8 to the public. The new version has not only a huge changelog reporting minor changes or fixes. No, this time we introduced some big changes that make SimSync PRO much more versatile as it already was before. We introduce “Utilities” With utilities, we Read More

SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 8

C H A N G E L O G SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 8 ====================== * Updated localizations * Some minor code optimizations * Code cleanup * Fixed issue where an external forced a crash, in case that program was moved/removed from the configured location * Updated button sizes and used fonts * Fixed issue

SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 7

C H A N G E L O G SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 7 ====================== * Announcements implemented. Announcements of the league administration and Global announcements will be displayed on startup (and will continue to get displayed) until they get confirmed (button at the bottom of the announcement). * Supports the use of SteamIDs to

New WebSync update

— english version below — Wir werden in den kommenden Tagen eine neue Version des WebSync (und auch eine neue SimSync PRO 4.5 beta) ausrollen. Der Termin steht allerdings noch nicht fest da aktuell noch an den letzten Feinheiten gearbeitet wird. Die neue Version bringt einige Bugfixes und neue Features mit sich. Neben einer “Passwort Read More