Our mod files change every week as vehicles get developed – SimSync Pro made my life as an admin SO much easier and made mismatches a thing of the past!

… I just want to say that apart from a few early teething problems while people got used to the software the service has been excellent and a worthy addition to our leagues operation.
Mis-matches and other file related issues have been non-existent this season, which is a very welcome position to be in. I hope we can look to roll this out further into our wider league structure in the coming months.

awesome – thanks for the fix!  Great program – takes our new members about 2 weeks to appreciate it… “why can’t we do it the old way”.  But after a sync or two, they see the benefit 🙂  Especially good for people who miss a few weeks… so hard to figure out “what did I miss?”.  Now with SimSync PRO – who cares – it handles it for you!  Good stuff!

bfisher / Sep. 2010