rF_HighVoltage v1.5 beta 3 rev 1

CHANGELOG 1.5 beta 3 rev 1 Added KERS min/max speed parameters (See RFM “KERS MIN SPEED” and “KERS MAX SPEED”) Added compatibility for rFactor 1.255C & G Added combobox to the options screen to select the game version Added a function to extract the game version from the exe (to automatically switch to the correct Read More

rF_HighVoltage v1.4.3

rF_HighVoltage 1.4.3 DRS & KERS for rFactor 1 by SimSync.de and International Pro Modding rF_HighVoltage is a software which simulates DRS and KERS in rFactor. It supports the current Formula 1 (™) rules concerning DRS and KERS, but also supports the possibility to configure it following own rules. There are already a few solutions on Read More