rF_Scan – Anti Cheat scanner for rFactor 1

“Ever wondered why a driver in your league is quite slow on one day and super fast on the other day?”

“Ever wondered why the pitstop of that driver is so much faster than that of others, or why he/she doesn’t needs to change tires or to refuel less fuel than others?”

In this case you need rF_Scan for rFactor 1!

rF_Scan scan’s the rFactor 1 process and it’s memory together with values from the rFacttor plugin interface and logs a huge bunch of values to an encrypted logfile (which can only be decrypted with a special program called rF_ScanReader (included)).
The drivers will send the logfiles by email to the league admins to be checked. Usually, requiring that logfiles from the drivers prevents most of them from cheating. And those that did cheat will be found when checking their logs.


rF_Scan support forum




rF_Scan v1.0 222.55 KB 1533 downloads

The new version introduces some major changes in the internal dataformat and the...



    rF_ScanReader v1.1 95.07 KB 1091 downloads

    The new version 1.1 fixes some issues with manipulated logfiles. It adds some additional...