rF_HighVoltage – DRS & KERS for rFactor 1

“Racing a 2014 Formula 1 mod in your league without DRS and/or KERS?”

“Driving a DTM mod and missing DRS?”

Than you need rF_HighVoltage!

rF_HighVoltage is a software that enables rFactor 1 to simulate the DRS & KERS effect.
You can define all DRS options (like the DRS effect strength) via the mods RFM file and trackspecific settings (like DRS Detection points and zones) via the tracks GDB file.  You can define up to 2 detection points and 4 DRS zones.

KERS must also be defined within the RFM file. The KERS effect strength can be adjusted and also how often the effect should be available (activation duration per lap or number of activations per lap or race).


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