Who is using our software?

Here is a small list of customers which are using our software on a commercial or professional base.

SimSync PRO

Reiza Studios

Reiza Studios is an brasilian game studio that has already produced several sim racing titles. They are highly respected for their highly accurate vehicle physics and great 3D models.
They are currently using SimSync PRO with one of their mayor titles: Game Stock Car 2013.

SimSync PRO is used to add an autoupdate feature to the title and to enable Reiza to add new content to the game without having the user to run incremental updates. Just running the sync ensures that the underlying installation is updated to the latest release.
This saves Reiza a lot of adminstrational work, because otherweise they had to provide and maintain all the updates.
For the end customer, the use of our sync makes life much easier because he hasn’t to worry about which update has to be installed in which order and where.


Arden Motorsport

Arden Motorsport is a motorsports team from Banbury, Oxfordshire (England) which is only a few miles away from the iconic Silverstone Circuit. They are racing in several series like GP2 and GP3 and with thei Arden-Caterham team in the World Series by Renault (WSR).
They are using a custom rF_HighVoltage Pro version in their simulator to simulate DRS with their WSR car.
Watch here a lap in their simulator with a GP3 car:

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DAMS is a professional racing team from Ruaudin, near to the legendary La Mans circuit. DAMS is founded in 1988 by Jean Paul Driot and René Arnoux.
They are racing in various racing series and are very successfull in developing your racers on their way to Formula One.
DAMS is using rF_HighVoltage in their GP2 simulator to prepare their drivers on the skills used to control a modern days racing car.

RC Motorsport

RC Motorsport is an italian motorsports team that is using rF_HighVoltage in their simulator.