WebSync – How to… rFactor 2 & SimSync PRO?

Using rFactor 2 Mods with SimSync PRO

Where to place the SimSyncPro.exe?

  • Before build 860, the SimSyncPro.exe must be placed in the “Core” folder of rFactor2 (where rfactor2.exe and so on are located).
  • Since build 860, the rFactor 2 uses a new folder structure with Bin32 and Bin64 folders for the different rFactor2.exe for 32 and 64 bit systems.
    That also means that the SimSyncPro.exe needs to be placed in a different folder as before.

There are 3 different locations possible. Just choose one of them.

  • Put the SimSyncPro.exe and the ini file into the Bin32 folder. There should also be a rFactor2.exe.
  • Put the SimSyncPro.exe and the ini file into the Bin64 folder. There should also be a rFactor2.exe.
  • Put the SimSyncPro.exe and the ini file into the base folder (install folder) of the game. This is the folder that contains all other folders of the game like Bin32, Bin64, Core, etc.

Where will the downloaded files be stored?

In the “Core” folder is a file named “data.path”. This file contains only 1 line of text telling the game (rfactor 2) where it will find it’s game content files (mods).
This file is also read by SimSync PRO to find out where to store the files.
Example: Game installed in D:\Games\rFactor2 and Data is in D:\Games\rF2Data
The data.path file will contain only 1 line “D:\Games\rF2Data” (without the quotes)

How to setup Mods and components for the use with SimSync PRO?

There are 2 possible ways: upload the rfmod, rfcomp packages or the extracted mod files.

    1. Package files (rfmod, rfcmp, etc.)
      When uploading the package files, you should have maintain the same folder structure (relative to the rFactor base folder) like on you local computer. That is usually the “Packages” folder.
      After uploading index your series using the WebSync like before. You should deactivate the “Delete unused files” option, to ensure not to delete any other package files the user may have on his local computer.
      After syncing the series, the user has to install/update his local mods with the mod installer/update system of rFactor 2. This can’t be done by SimSync PRO, becuase their installer doesn’t have an external api which can be used by the sync to automate this task.
    2. Extracted mod files
      You need 2 folders on the sync server: “Installed” and “Manifests”.
      Upload the extracted mod files from your local “Installed” folder to the “Installed” folder on the server.
      Upload the manifest file for the mod (*.mft) from the local “Manifests” folder to the server “Manifests” folder.
      The remaining taskes are the same like with rFactor 1. Index the series and you are ready to sync.