rF_HighVoltage 1.2 released

We are proud to annouce an new version of rF_HighVoltage.

rF_HighVoltage 1.2
DRS & KERS for rFactor

The new version introduces the possibility to directly assign KERS & DRS to buttons and axis of your steering wheel, joystick or button box. But you are still able to use your keyboard to control KERS & DRS.
The use of 3rd-party software like joy2key is now not longer necessary.
[shadowbox=/e107_images/newspost_images/rf_highvoltage_12_options2.jpg|Keyboard/Joystick options dialog::||left]/e107_images/newspost_images/thumb_rf_highvoltage_12_options2.jpg[/shadowbox]With the joystick support enabled, you have the possibility to assign 2 buttons (or axis, keys or a mix of them) for the DRS deactivation function (e.g. brakepedal and another button). That means, that you can deactivate DRS by either braking or pressing a button, in case you have to deactivate DRS where braking is not needed.
Another feature has been added to this release: DRS strength factor.
The DRS strength factor is a new setting in the RFM, which enables a modder to finetune the DRS effect which should be applied by rF_HighVoltage on activation.

KIKONI produced a small tutorial video which shows how simple it is to implement the additions to the rfm as a modder and to assign the buttons and axis as a driver.


  • Added support for steering wheels, joysticks and button boxes
  • Added second button for DRS deactivation
  • Added DRS strength factor setting: Possibility to finetune the DRS effect on a specific mod


  • Removed a bug where KERS didn’t work

Readme & Licence: FAQ: Download: Support: (link) \n\nrF_HighVoltage is able to do all of this:

  • Enable/Disable DRS globally
  • DRS disabled within the first 2 laps in a race session
  • Up to 2 detection points
  • Up to 4 activation zones
  • Up to 2 block zones where the usage of DRS is permitted
  • Free usage of DRS in practice, qualyfication and warm-up
  • Usage of DRS only within the activation zones if the car was within 1 second to the competitor in front at the detection point
  • Visually switch the rearwing when activating/deactivating DRS (Depending on the used mod)
  • Enable/Disable KERS globally
  • Control the strength of the KERS “effect”
  • Control how long the much extra power is available per lap
  • “Recharge” the battery when driving over the start/finish line
  • When the battery is empty, KERS can’t be activated for the rest of the lap
  • All performance relevant settings are configured using the RFM-file of the mod. That ensures that somebody who accidently modified settings in that file will get a mismatch error when joining a gameserver.
  • Other settings (like key assignments) are store in a simple configuration file along with the program.
  • Forces the drivers to use only original ISI software. Patched or cracked rFactor installations will not work with rF_HighVoltage!

[shadowbox=/e107_images/newspost_images/rf_highvoltage_12_splash.jpg|::||right]/e107_images/newspost_images/thumb_rf_highvoltage_12_splash.jpg[/shadowbox] rF_HighVoltage was developed together with Kikoni from International Pro Modding. Kikoni is one of guys behind the famous FSOne modification for rFactor.
While rF_HighVoltage has been tested with the FSOne, it isn’t limited to this specific modification. It’s quite easy to setup other mods to use rF_HighVoltage.