rF_HighVoltage 1.3 released

We are proud to annouce next version of rF_HighVoltage.

rF_HighVoltage 1.3
DRS & KERS for rFactor

The new version fixes several issues with the detection and assignment of buttons and pedals of joystick and wheels. SLI buttons are currently not supported due to detection problems. This will be hopefully fixed in the next version.
[shadowbox=/e107_images/newspost_images/rf_highvoltage_12_options2.jpg|Keyboard/Joystick options dialog::||left]/e107_images/newspost_images/thumb_rf_highvoltage_12_options2.jpg[/shadowbox]Several other issues have been fixed and a lot of features have been added.

Here is a a complete list of the changes:

  • Fixed “car change” bug, which kept the KERS & DRS settings even after changing the car
  • Fixed Pedal assign problems
  • Fixed a bug, where it was impossible to assign 1 button on 2 different devices
  • Fixed a bug, where the DRS Strength Factor didn’t work
  • Fixed an issue with the detection point/activation zones on the Melbourne track where the 2. activation zone is “before” the detection point
  • Window position will now be saved and restored on next start
  • Added option to set the volume of the rF_HighVoltage sounds
  • Raised the average volume of the sound files
  • Added deadzone for pedals and other axis
  • Added support for RFEWeather plugin
    DRS will be disabled, depending on the wetness of the track (configurable) and re-enabled if the track gets below the defined wetness for at least 2 laps in race.
    In other sessions, DRS will be enabled as soon as the track get’s dryer than the defined value
  • Added option to have track specific settings (Detection points and Activation zones) stored in the gdb of the track
  • Updated plugin to provide also the telemetry information of the car
  • Added check, if the rear wing of the car is damaged (from telemetry). If the wing is damaged, DRS will be deactivated unless the wing get’s repaired
  • Added check if the necessary DLL’s are available
  • Added check, if the Temporary boost button is pressed while KERS is active. In that case, the KERS system will be disabled until you press ESC to jump to the garage (to correct this error).
  • Changed the structure of the logfilename to match the filename of rF_Scan.

Readme & Licence: FAQ: Download: Support:

User with more than 1 monitor may want to download this patch, as it re-enables them to move rF_HighVoltage to a secondary screen: rF_HighVoltage (Install the 1.3 first!)



  • Added support for steering wheels, joysticks and button boxes
  • Added second button for DRS deactivation
  • Added DRS strength factor setting: Possibility to finetune the DRS effect on a specific mod


  • Removed a bug where KERS didn’t work