rF_HighVoltage 1.4 released

In the last few weeks we have worked a lot on the next rF_HighVoltage release and we are proud to announce that we have just release the next version.

DRS & KERS for rFactor

This version fixes 2 exploits which have been reported in the last few days and we urgently recommend to update to this new version.
Another often asked feature is support for SLI controllers. While the previous version had problems which sometimes crashed rF_HighVoltage, we were able to sort this out and SLI controllers should work now with both axis and buttons.
Check out the changelog to see which issues have been fixed and which features have been added.

Readme & Licence: FAQ: Download: Support: This version is also available thru autoupdate

The fix for the MP 1 issue can be found here (link) and is also available via autoupdate.\n\n\n\nChangelog

  • Fix for the KERS bug at MP 1


  • Added method to detect change of Enginemapping while KERS is active
  • Added method to detect if other instances of rF_HighVoltage are running
  • Added drs damage strength factor to plr
  • Added support for full course yellow to drs
  • Added “DRS DRAG STRENGTH FACTOR” and “DRS LIFT STRENGTH FACTOR” to give the modder more control on the Lift and Drag effects
  • Deprecated setting “DRS STRENGTH FACTOR” will be removed in the next version
    Mods which use “DRS STRENGTH FACTOR” to finetune the DRS effect, should be updated to now use the new parameters because this parameter will not longer be supported in the next version
  • Added “DRS DAMAGE STRENGTH” to finetune the effect of a damaged rearwing
  • Added new team radio sounds
  • Added writing power, drag and lift to the log
  • Added sessiontime to the log
  • Allowed zone 1 to be smaller than detection point (if detection point is given)
  • Added a check if configured device is attached to computer (and give a message if not)
  • Added support for TSW Evolution Controller
  • Added support for SLI Controller support (axis and buttons)
  • Fix for sli crash issue
  • Moved AutoUpdate to main/options form
  • Show files to update/delete on autoupdate
  • Added option to options screen/ini to disable Autoupdate
  • Added button to options to manually check for updates
  • Fixed some Autoupdate messages
  • Fixed some issues with autoupdate