rF_HighVoltage 1.5 beta 1 released

We are proud to annouce the first beta of

rF_HighVoltage 1.5 beta 1
DRS & KERS for rFactor

Besides of some bugfixing, we have added several new features.
The biggest and most anticipated one is support for the DTM DRS rules which have been introduced to the current DTM series in 2013.

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Changelog 1.5 beta 1
* Fixed an issue where the “Realtime Splits” setting hasn’t been recognized correctly
* Fixed an issue with GetFileLine (ExtractFileValue) to correctly read the values from the plr and other files
* Added error message in case memory values couldn’t be written properly (DRS)
* Added info about vista or above OS and UAC enable to the log header
* Fixed issue with sBehindPoint variable
* Added a check if the memscanner exited for some reason and in case it exited, trying to restart the memscanner
* Fixed some log and log messgaes issues
* Added new behind@point to Infoscreen to show where the time was measured. It always shows the last measured time at the given detection point.
* Added time window to info panel
* Reordered info panel output
* Implemented DTM DRS Rule “No DRS within x laps before race finish”
* Fixed DRS Detection Point 1 Reset of TimeDistance and Activation counters
* Added: reset Button if DRS can be activated
* Implemented DTM DRS Rules
* Re-implemented SendKey to switch lights on/Off. The user can now choose between none, H_Key and Internal method to switch lights on/off
* Fixed issue with the FullCourseYellow which caused rF_HighVoltage to wait much longer than needed before activating DRS
* Fixed a bug with the wrong RWingDrag Adress
* Added memory adresses for FWingDrag and FWingLift
* Reworked MemoryScan to run in an own thread
* KERS will now be deactivated for the remaining lap in case of changing the engine mapping during KERS activation.