New SimSync PRO 8 Custom Skin Template and Virtua_LM edition

2 new Downloads have been made available:

  1. SimSync PRO 8 Custom Skin Template
    and the
  2. SimSync PRO 8 Virtua_LM edition

The first one contains the template need to start creating a skin for the new SimSync PRO 8.
Skins created for SimSync PRO 4 may work, but because some controls have been moved and also the menu area at the top is bigger in v8 than in older versions, it is like that older skins might not fit for 100%. Use the new template to update your skin, or start creating a new skin from scratch.

The SimSync PRO 8 Virtua_LM edition is a zip file, that contains besides the SimSync PRO program also the SimSyncPro_SimSync-de.ini file. The sync, together with this ini file, give you access to some of the greatest tracks and mods for rFactor 1, created by the great modding group Virtua-LM. Just download the zip file and extract it in an rFactor 1 installation. Run the sync to download the content and have fun driving it.


SimSync PRO 8 Custom skin template 127.98 KB 160 downloads

This zip file contains all you need to create your own custom skin for SimSync PRO...

SimSync PRO 8 Virtua_LM Edition 523.67 KB 115 downloads

Special edition of the current SimSync PRO 8 to sync the GTPC mod and various Virtua_LM...