SimSync PRO 8 Custom skin template

This zip file contains all you need to create your own custom skin for SimSync PRO 8. The zip file doen’t contain the SimSync PRO program itself! SimSync PRO 4 skins are not 100% backward compatible with version 4 skins as the layout of the main menu and button has been slightly changed.

SimSync PRO 8 Virtua_LM Edition

Special edition of the current SimSync PRO 8 to sync the GTPC mod and various Virtua_LM tracks. This content is for rFactor 1 only!

SimSync PRO 8

C H A N G E L O G SimSync PRO 8 ============= * New SimSync Pro 8 icon * New SimSync Pro 8 skin * Updated default colors * Fixed issue with WAIT_CLOSE after syncing resulting in not being able to contact the sync servers. * Fixed issue with btnStartGame dropdown menu showing the

SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 9 released

We are proud to release SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 9! The beta 9 is very likely to be the last beta we release before finally releasing this branch to the public. Make sure to check it out! You can download it from here: But it is also available thrue the autoupdate function from the help

SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 8 released

Today, we are very proud to release SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 8 to the public. The new version has not only a huge changelog reporting minor changes or fixes. No, this time we introduced some big changes that make SimSync PRO much more versatile as it already was before. We introduce “Utilities” With utilities, we