SimSync PRO 8.1 released

The end of 2020 is coming in leaps and bounds and most of us will be glad when this “challenging” year is over. We at SimSync also hope for 2021 and pray that the f*cking Covid-19 virus will be defeated so far that we can go on living without all these restrictions again. But we Read More

SimSync PRO 8.1

Changelog Added support for “Automobilista 2” (Thanks to R. Simioni from Reiza Studios). Added support for “Richard Burns Rallye” (Thanks to A. Gruendauer from Changed order of files in the Preview window. Files and Folders to delete are now at the beginning of the list, followed by the files to sync. Downgraded to “.NET

SimSync PRO 8.0.3

C H A N G E L O G SimSync PRO 8.0.3 ================= * If version Revision is > 0, InDev Var will be true * If InDev is true, the debug-mode is always enabled * Refactored various variables * Reorganized startup messages * Fixed filelist resizing (did not follow window border) * Enabled password

SimSync PRO 8 Custom skin template

This zip file contains all you need to create your own custom skin for SimSync PRO 8. The zip file doen’t contain the SimSync PRO program itself! SimSync PRO 4 skins are not 100% backward compatible with version 4 skins as the layout of the main menu and button has been slightly changed.

SimSync PRO 8 Virtua_LM Edition

Special edition of the current SimSync PRO 8 to sync the GTPC mod and various Virtua_LM tracks. This content is for rFactor 1 only!

Issues with SimSync PRO 8?

For those encountering issues running the new SimSync PRO 8, there are 3 possible solutions: Delete the file “SimSyncPro.exe.config” and start the SimSyncPro.exe again. The program will find a new “Update” (the previously deleted file) and downloads it. Restart the sync and it should work now. If that didn’t work, click on the download link Read More

SimSync PRO 8

C H A N G E L O G SimSync PRO 8 ============= * New SimSync Pro 8 icon * New SimSync Pro 8 skin * Updated default colors * Fixed issue with WAIT_CLOSE after syncing resulting in not being able to contact the sync servers. * Fixed issue with btnStartGame dropdown menu showing the