SimSync PRO 8.1 released

The end of 2020 is coming in leaps and bounds and most of us will be glad when this “challenging” year is over.

We at SimSync also hope for 2021 and pray that the f*cking Covid-19 virus will be defeated so far that we can go on living without all these restrictions again.

But we don’t want to leave 2020 without showing that despite all the limitations in our lives, we have continued to develop our SimSync PRO client.
We are proud and happy to announce that we have just released SimSync PRO 8.1.

From the changelog I would like to highlight the following items:

  • Added support for “Automobilista 2” (Thanks to R. Simioni from Reiza Studios).
  • Added support for “Richard Burns Rallye” (Thanks to A. Gruendauer from
  • Changed order of files in the Preview window. Files and Folders to delete are now at the beginning of the list, followed by the files to sync.
  • Downgraded to “.NET Framework 4.5.2” for improved compatibility with Windows 8.
  • Implemented handling of read-only files while syncing (Ask user, Keep, Overwrite).
  • Finally fixed the issue “Error reading config: Index was outside the bounds of the array. (Step 3200)” in VdfTextReader, which happened when the token size was too small while parsing the data.
  • Fixed issue with SteamID check “Null-Reference“.
  • Added support to delete “Orphaned files” defined thru the WebSync backend.

You can find the full changelog on the download page.
To update to the latest version, click on the download link below or use the auto-update feature of the sync.


SimSync PRO 8.1 571.42KB 2748 downloads

Changelog Added support for "Automobilista 2" (Thanks to R. Simioni from Reiza Studios). Added...