rF_HighVoltage: Update released

Only 1 day after the first release, we are proud to annouce an update for rF_HighVoltage.

Beside of a bugfix, this version contains several improvements and new features.

Changes v0.9.1.1

  • Fixed: The KERS time has been read wrong, depending on local numbers settings. (read 66 seconds, instead of 6.6)

To update to that version from v0.9.1, simply click “Yes” when getting asked to update.
User with a version prior v0.9.1 must download and install the v0.9.1 first and then answer “Yes” when getting asked to update.

Changes v0.9.1

  • Fixed: Fixes the bug, where DRS doesn’t work when the activation zone starts before start/finish end ends behind.
  • New: AutoUpdate function enabled
  • New: Disables DRS & KERS if the settings have been changed between rFactor start and rF_HighVoltage start (possible cheating)
  • New: Added setting to define the min. distance at the detection point (see Add2RFM.txt)
  • New: Added setting to define the min. number of laps to be driven in race sesseion before DRS will become available (see Add2RFM.txt)

Download: Supportforum: Spanish supportforum: Bugtracker: (link)