rF_Scan RC3 released

We are proud to release today the third release candidate of rF_Scan

Download: Support: RC3

  • switched email port to another port, which shouldn’t be blocked
  • fixed time format in logs to 24h format
  • added addresses for dedicated server settings
  • added new plugin rF_InternalsPlugin.dll
  • added internal version check

\n\n\n\nv0.9.9.28 RC2

  • added some internal anti cheating methods
  • updated rfactor.exe signatures for exe with applied 4GB-patch
  • added addresses for car grip level
  • added function to send email with log directly from rF_Scan
  • removed bug in internal UAC function

v0.9.9.16 RC1

  • new look (Thanks to Olaf Borchert (link) )
  • added option to start rF_HighVoltage before rFactor
  • added option to start another external program (e.g. joy2key) before rFactor
  • added option to create a verbose scan, which scan in a much smaller interval
  • several smaller internal changes