rF_Scan 1.0 & rF_ScanReader 1.0 released

I’m very proud to announce the new versions of rF_Scan and rF_ScanReader.Both programs are now available as version 1.0. The new version of rF_Scan introduces some major changes “under the hood”, which means that the internal log-format has been enhanced and also the used encryption got an overhaul.That also means, that the logs from this Read More

rF_Scan 0.9.10 RC6 and rF_ScanReader 0.9.3 RC7 released

We have just released the latest builds of rF_Scan and rF_ScanReader. The new version of rF_Scan introduces the support for rFactor 1.255 C & G and a lot of further fixes and improvements.For more details click on “Continue reading” to view the changelog. The new rV_ScanReader version adds support for the new LogVersion 3 and Read More