SimSync PRO 4.1 released

We just released the next version of SimSync PRO: SimSync PRO 4.1

The new version adds support for the new simracing title’s Assetto Corsa and Formula Truck along with a bunch of improvements and bugfixes.

For a complete list, please check out the changelog.

The update is also available via Autoupdate!
Download: Support: Bugtracker: (link) \n\nChangelog

  • Added support for Assetto Corsa
  • Added support for Formula Truck
  • Regorganized Game Class
  • Check the checksum in case ForceChecksum is activated after the file has been downloaded
  • Internal structure reorganization
  • Fixed a bug with http download where the username was submitted wrong and the content returned was wrong
  • AppDate is now automatically set to build date
  • Updated languages
  • Updated translations via Google Translate
  • Optimized filecompare
  • fixed a bug where some folders haven’t been deleted even if they should because of a sorting issue (the folders weren’t empty when tested, but were empty after all files had been deleted)
  • Implemented a Staging Server …
  • removed unnecessary parameters from GetUrlResponse
  • added index_server option to sync.cfg
  • use index_server to load index files from
  • HttpAccess: added option to disabled DNS cache
  • HttpAccess: added check of the response URI to match the list of known hosts
  • FileHash & CacheLocal: removed unused error variable
  • added several debug messages
  • cleanup error codes
  • documentation error codes
  • Fixed DeCompress
  • added HttpUrlBuilder class to centralize the creation of Urls used with the sync
  • Fixed bug, where the ftp download ran into an error if the compressed folder does not exist on the server
  • Fixed bug in http download where the download fails because of an error message which wasn’t cleared properly.
  • added some debugging markers in ftp download
  • added some missing update statements to force the update of the progressbars
  • moved IsDownload next to download statement
  • Implemented ForceChecksums