SimSync PRO 4.2.4: Automobilista added

We are proud to announce, that we have added Reiza Studios highly anticipated game Automobilista to the list of supported games. wrote
In addition to the content already present in Stock Car Extreme – all of which comprehensively upgraded – AUTOMOBILISTA turns it up to a new level by adding all the new cars & tracks proposed in the SimRacing Bonanza crowdfunding campaign, new simulation features such as dynamic track conditions, advanced transmission and tire modelling, substantial upgrades to physics, graphics & audio, new game modes and much more!

Besides of the newly added game Automobilista, SimSync PRO supports the following games Game Stockcar, Game Stockcar Extreme, Assetto Corsa, Formula Truck, rFactor, rFactor 2, GT Legends, GTR 2, Race 07 and successors like GTR Evolution, F1 Challenge, ARCA Simracing, Netkar Pro, Nascar Racing 2003, iRacing (Skins only), Copa de Marcas, TC2000 Racing, ACTC Simulador de Turismo Carretera and ACTC v3 Simulador de Turismo Carretera.