SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 1 released

We are very proud to release the first beta version of our upcomming SimSync PRO client.

The new version comes with plenty of new features like support for Readme files, display of changelogs, a zoomable and filterable series list, series context menus to view readme/changelog and to delete a series and a feature called “DirectJoin”. This new feature enables the driver to directly join a game server, without the need of supplying a password.

Together with this release, new features in the WebSync have been made available: Servers, Readme mode, Changelog mode
For more information check out the follwing pages:
Dedicated Servers (link)
Readme’s and Changelog’s (link)
Download: (link)
This update is also available via beta autoupdate (menu Help => Search for new beta version)

For a full list of changes, have look into the changelog:


SimSync PRO 4.5 Beta 1

  • added new window to display changelogs and readmes
  • added methods to show changelogs and readmes
  • added method to save the contents of the viewer to file
  • added contextmenus to lstSeries items to show changelog, readme or to delete the series
  • added menus to lstSeries items to show changelog, readme
  • changed lstSeries to vertical scroll
  • added helper function to clean a filename
  • vertical Series ListView
  • context menu für Changelog & Readme
  • option to save/download Changelog to a file
  • option to save/download Readme to a file
  • option to save the contents of the preview window into a file (e.g. csv)
  • option to show Changelog (multiple via select box)
  • option to “force show Changelog” depending on WebSync setting (off, before, after)
  • option to show Readme in case it exists on the server (readme_de.txt, readme_en.txt for localized versions, readme.txt for general version) (multiple via select box)
  • option to “force show Readme” depending on WebSync setting (off, before, after)
  • apply styling to child windows (Filelist and Viewer)
  • force to reload series index after the sync hasn’t started for a specific period (e.g. 60sec.) to make sure this information is still valid
  • new commandline parameter (e.g. -autosync) which automatically starts syncing the current selected series.
  • save last synced index date in ini for later comparison.
  • mark series in sync as “out of sync / new data available” in case the last index date doesn’t match the local last index date.
  • resize skin in case it is not matching the size of the window
  • new custom button (menu button) which enables the use to select the correct userprofile to launch
  • added method to populate userprofiles for ISI based games
  • add menu to Start Game button in case userprofiles have been found for selection
  • add DediServerInfo property, which populates when loading Customer Config
  • add ServerInfo property to websync / sync_cfg
  • ServerInfo from WebSync contains: Servername, address:port, password (or empty) for 1 or up to 10 servers
  • add Readme_Index to the series info
  • Check “freshness” of a readme file before opening the readme files during before or after sync events (use last modification date)
  • Check “freshness” of a changelog before opening the changelog during before or after sync events (use date of last_index)
  • add buttonmenu for profiles
  • add buttonmenu for game options
  • add buttonmenu for servers to join
  • build commandline from selected buttonmenu options (profile, game options, server to join)
  • add option to game start menu to enable fullproc and other game options
    +fullproc >> Enable Fullproc
    +profile “” >> Use Profile XXX
    +connect >> Connect to server at
    +password “” => No menu here. Use this switch in case there is a password given via WebSync for the server at
  • build menu from dediserver info
  • option to start game incl. server password
  • option to update local server password in multiplayer.ini ([ Multiplayer Server Options ] => Join Password=”” // Password for clients to join game)
  • populate userprofiles for ISI based games in case UAC is enabled and active (Userdata will than be in the documents folder)
  • run SimSync PRO always with elevated admin priviledges (Run as Admin)
  • CustomButton disabled style fixed
  • mnuLang moved to main menu
  • mnuLang now uses a flag image instead of a text caption
  • init of current language file in program.cs
  • Removed “requireHighestAvailable” priviledge
  • updated: mnuHelp will now open a help page on
  • disabled mnuContextGameSetServerPassword in case no server was selected
  • fixed a type in locale_de.csv
  • fixed an issue with custom language files, in case the language file is give without an absolute path.
  • added Vars.HelpUrl which holds the url to the help page for that sync version
  • do NOT run SimSync PRO always with elevated admin priviledges (Run as Admin)
  • add tooltip to the series listitem to show the date/time of the last indexing and the date/time of the local version
  • updated german and english language file to the latest version
  • Take over fix for “Assetto Corsa” Dedicated only install from
  • Take over fix for “rFactor 2” new game exe path (32/64 bit) install from
  • Take over fix for “Assetto Corsa” Dedicated only install from
  • Take over fix for readonly files from
  • Take over fix for “RemoveUnusedFiles” from
  • Take over how to handle readonly files in download threads from
  • Take over fix for Cyrillic charsets from
  • added new 4.5 beta skin
  • switched all “File.Exists” and “Directory.Exists” to use the versions from “IOHelper”
  • cleaned up and streamlined startup code
  • fixed issue with read-only cache files
  • fixed issue is to early cleared error, which caused another irritating error later (no content)
  • fixed issue where the customername variable got overwritten and/or cleared
  • add option to filter the list of series
  • add select all, none, invert context menu to lstSeries
  • implemented WildcardMatch
  • fixed some lang items
  • fixed an issue in Inifile where entries using values like [, ] or _ could make it fail
  • Series with new content are now displayed bold
  • new var ContentUpdateAvailableMarker to mark series with new and updated content
  • fixed minor issues with series context menu
  • moved “Select All, None, Invert, Filter list, Filter Clear” to new menu “Selection”
  • added keyboard shortcuts for “Select All, None, Invert, Filter list, Filter Clear”
  • renamed menu “Help” to “?” to save space
  • filtered entries are now displayed “italic”
  • removed sorting from lstSeries
  • removed grpInfo and replaced it by a FlowLayoutPanel
  • removed lblPassword
  • DirIndex: Do not include “readme
  • .txt” files in the file index.
  • WebSync: added list of dedicated servers incl. Name, IP, Password
  • fixed an issue with a wrong tooltip lang setting
  • fixed some issues in locale_de.csv
  • new skin (more space for menu)
  • new LangCompress.exe
  • fixed issue in Locale.cs to use default language in case a key is missing
  • SyncCheck: Include current used server & sim into query
  • Fix für IsExpired. Vergleich mit Erstellungsdatum, statt mit Cachedatum
  • Fix für Malformed FTP reply. Automatischer Switch zu FTP Active
  • Fixed an issue where the start button context menu didn’t get updated
  • In case a server to join is selected, the Start Game button shows “Start & Join Server xyz” incl. a similar context menu
  • Implemented the list of series ids a dediserver is assigned to
  • Removed “btnDelete”
  • increased size of “btnStartGame”
  • Language files updated to latest version (new: es // update: de, en, nl, no)
  • Switched from www to normal servers
  • Refactored the language menu to be more easily to automate
  • Hiding those languages on start that are not available