SimSync PRO 4.2 beta 1 released

We are very proud to announce today the release of the SimSync PRO 4.2 beta 1

Together with some bugfixing, we introduce some brandnew features with this version:

  • Remote Styles&Skins
    Use the new WebSync Style-Editor to modify the skin and colors of your leagues SimSync PRO client.
  • Dedicated Server mode
    Sync only those files on your dedicated server which are needed for operation. e.g. do not download *.dds files which aren’t needed by the dedi server
    This feature is currently only available for rFactor 1&2 and other rFactor based games.
  • Improved delete function by using diff files
    The sync tries to find out, if files have been removed from the sync server by comparing the cached index file with the remote index file. Files which are referenced in the cached one, but are not available in the remote file will be added to list of files to delete.
    This feature is available only in series which are allowed to delete files.

Download: Support: Bugtracker: (link) \n\nChangelog

SimSync PRO 4.2 Beta 1

  • Added remote Styling & Skin (see WebSync “Style-Editor”)
  • Style ProgressBar BackgroundColor removed
  • Menu Options / Help will now change the color vor better readability in case it is selected or not zugeklappt ist
  • Fixed readonly listboxes to use the correct colors
  • Added statistics info if the transfer was via FTP or HTTP
  • Added statistics info about both the compressed and uncompressed transfersize
  • Added info about filesize to the general log
  • Reworked error messages to better see where the error happens
  • Commit after crash FTP Connection optimized
  • Fixed a bug in ftp timeout
  • Changed timeout value in ini from milliseconds to seconds
  • Added http://ftp.SynchronizePassiveConnections=true to syncronize the PASV connctions
  • Added dediserver filename to game class
  • Added UseDediFilter Option, to filter files not needed by the dedicated server to operate.
  • Fixed: hide menu DediServer mode, if function or dedi server not available.
  • Added CacheLocal.Exists() to check if a cache file Exists
  • GetFileIndex switched from ForceDownload to ForceCache to force the usage of the cached index for the DeleteSeries operation
  • Added Cache IsValid to check if the cache is stille uptodate (valid)
  • Added a SyncDiff function to create a diff file of the current indexfile against the cached one. This diff file will be used to delete exactly those files which have been removed from the Syncserver. This will help a lot to remove files from a local installation which have been removed from the server, especially in case of removing of complete folders.
  • Fixed an error when sync has been started while websync was locked
  • Fixed: update style after clicking on “(re-)load series”
  • Fixed a bug where the progressTotal got crossed out, in case the list was empty
  • Switched some parts from the delete method to functions
  • Switched primary www url
  • Added startup messages for “beta update searching”
  • Added OpenPreview forceOpen Parameter, will force the preview window to open on delete Series
  • Added App / Version Info label to preview window
  • Switch the menu to buttons in the preview window
  • Some general code cleanup