WebSync 6.1 and SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 7 released

We are to proud to announce the release of the WebSync 6.1 backend and SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 7 client.

WebSync 6.1

  • Added methods for password reset the main account, but also the series admin accounts.,
  • Added league announcements. The league admin can create announcements that will be shown only in the WebSync (by his seriesadmins), or in the SimSync PRO client (starting with below beta 7) or on both places. This can be usefull to inform the series admins about certain things, but also to inform the drivers about upcomming events, etc.
  • Added global announcements. Global announcements are created by the SimSync staff and can also be imited to WebSync or SimSync PRO only, or both. This will be used to inform about maintenance or other events.
  • Protect content using SteamIDs. Starting with this version, together with SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 7, you can protect the content in your series, by adding a list of SteamIDs to the series. The user will have to authenticate him-/herself when trying to sync such a series. Be aware, that the sync requires an update to the latest beta (download see below) when you use this feature! You will not be able to sync your data with the current stable release SimSync PRO 4.3 as long as the series with the SteamIDs is active untill you update to the latest beta!

SimSync PRO 4.5 beta 7

  • Announcements implemented.
    Announcements of the league administration and Global announcements will be displayed on startup (and will continue to get displayed) until they get confirmed (button at the bottom of the announcement).
  • Supports the use of SteamIDs to protect the content from being downloaded. The series must be configured accordingly.
  • Translations with the help of www.deepl.com and translate.google.com adapted, as well as other languages (again) added.
  • A lot of code optimizations (encryption/decryption, data/object handling)
  • Updated the style of secondary windows (filelist, input, info and about windows)
  • Switched to a more recent .NET Version 4.7.2 (which ships with Win 10, but is also available on previous windows versions).

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